No More

I was asked to speak out if these issues are true.

I am told my voice is strong and too important to lose.

My, how they were wrong and I was used.

No more.

How could I be so strong?

How could I have been so naive?

In schools of 70 percent white

But three percent is black.

No more.

My issues easily become irrelevant.

My voice is a nuisance. 

No more.

You people of power that claim to support,

Do you even support me or is it because of the influence of society?

Is it your convenience or do you support with me?

Why is it you make me stand alone against the voices of my peers?

With an institution like you, yet you say and do nothing.

No more.

My oppression, my suffering, my life.

I cannot feel.

I cannot love.

Screw being numb.

I am lost!

No more.

Do not support me if you refuse to be active.

You have power to change yet it remains dormant.

You only care about not being called a racist.

Not about racism.

No more.

I cannot feel.

I cannot see.

I cannot BLACK.

I am ashamed.

So take this color off me.