Post Requiscante 

What is that is wanted from me?

I am black.

My nose is big.

My scalp is dry.

My heart is weak.

My Dick is big.

My body is different.

You should hate me.

Put me under your thumb.

Be like others who have done to me.

Here I accepted blacklivesdontmatter.

Even accepting that my race is inferior.

I am lied to everyday by alleged supporters.

But why do you stand aside when the fight matters?

I get it.

The society is right.

My big lips and big nose.

The ‘extra‘ bone in my leg to jump

So many things about me that you immediately hate.

Yeah I get it.

Me too.

I hate it.

I don’t want to be black anymore.

Side affects are heartache, hate, inferiority, mass incarceration, murder, systemic social order with us coming last, and more.

I get it.

I’m a nigger.

Its my fault I am this way.

I refuse my color. I hate to be black.

God should have made me white.

Lord knows how all good things are made white.


Author: ridaqe

Just read if it really matters...

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