Concrete Flower (published) 

Concrete Flower
Indefinite petals fall from a concrete Flower.

 Each petal a tear.

 Yet the environment gives no comfort.

 A withering stem

 of a faulty root support.

 The structured root ground deep.

 Rotten from within.

 You ask about the flower 

that won’t grow from its roots.


You say the flower has

 What it needs to survive.

 Food to grow a few times of the month.

 Learning life as days go by.

 You say it has no reason to fail

 to shine beautiful

 as the true flower does.


Yet, We don’t ask

 Why it’s life’s so short 

despite being a concrete flower?

 Imprinted by headstrong boots

 from all that follow,

 weakening each life it holds.

 We don’t ask

 why it feels purposeless,

 withdrawn and forced to live bounded.

 Why it must remain cold

 while the True flower grows.


No fruit from the ambrosia

 that the true flower gets.

 Or why each branch of roots tend to

 Break it’s own support.

 The roots recede, the yellow dims.

 There is no life



 Concrete Flower.


Author: ridaqe

Just read if it really matters...

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