Woke (published)


Jibril church 
Stay woke my children,

We are in dark times.

Our safety nets are faulty 

And we are alone.

We must remain strong.

Build from all.

We are the grace in evil

The light in darkness.

We are of sound mind and body.

Do not give in to the militant.

Provide peaceful reconciliation. 

Your words must be the offense and defense,

Against what they claim is purely aggressive offense.

Words are your physical dimensions,

Not to mention

The distension.

We protest up and down the Magnificent Mile

Against a force that is more vicious and vile.

Rally up your brothers and sisters.

Our war started with one voice.

Now more that speak,

Carry the receipt of their own registered violence of aggressors. 

Spread the real news and reveal the media’s secrets.

Help the others that remain anonymous

To awaken as soldiers who will be pivotal in our rise.

Just remember to stay woke.


Author: ridaqe

Just read if it really matters...

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