Seun van Afrika (published) 

Seun van Afrika

What is the definition of color? 

Is it a hue to which an artist learns,

Or is it what we use to label one another.

Color which is misused and mistreated.

Delegations of all colors fumed and unappreciated.

Culture is robbed, stripped naked of it’s youth.

But if you’re brown does it mean it was taken from you?

A black boy learning his new disposition.

Living in a white man’s world is the first transition.

How do you think it makes me feel,

Being labeled a monster based off my skins heel.

Being told my hair is a mess and I should perm,

Pulling and tugging and tugging my African hair hurt.

A teacher turning a blind eye to a racial bullying. 

Being the subject to disciplinary mulling 

Coining a term called white silence 

Its when a white person gets away with violence,

But the only colored kid gets a negative highlight.

You ask me to speak about my peoples situation,

But silence me and place me behind the privileged white people,

 who complain about their nation.

My pleas and cries covered up by lies as annotation. 

Telling me I should be grateful for my emancipation.

Growing older I knew it would only worsen.

A white old woman clutching purse and

These dark times we dare to wonder what is missin’

Reporting to the world yet nobody of authority cares to listen.

I am seun van Africa.

You may oppress me but I stand as Afrika.

Afrika will rise up strong.

There is a higher stand to which we belong.

No, it won’t be long.

Independence and equality for,

Seun van Afrika. 


Author: ridaqe

Just read if it really matters...

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